To be a Young Adult Volunteer in New Orleans means:

  1. ...and after! (Note the expertly cleared lot in the background.)You will spend forty hours a week volunteering at one of our partner site placement agencies.
  2. You will live in an Intentional Christian Community with fellow YAVS and learn how to live simply while still enjoying the abundance of God’s gifts.
  3. You will spend the year learning who you are, and how you fit into God’s plan.
  4. You will consider the many social injustices in our world and how we, as Christians,  can  address them.

Goals of the New Orleans YAV site:

  • For Young Adults during their year of service learn about God, themselves, servant leadership, and social justice with the purpose of being transformed so that this one year will prepare them for rest of their lives to take part in God’s mission in the world.
  • To be  a safe and loving community for the Young Adults who spend a year in New Orleans. We are an home in which young adults are able to explore, risk, and fail within a safety-net of grace, love, and compassion.
  • For Young Adults who come to New Orleans during their year of service develop a mindset of calling- which is not necessarily linked to what job they have.
  • For the presence of Young Adults to transform the Presbytery of South Louisiana.

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