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WARNING: The following blog post will make you hungry. Other side effects include mouth watering, wishing food could be grabbed through a screen, and the desire to immediately book a plane ticket down to New Orleans. Continue at your own risk.

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love trying new restaurants and new food. Living in New Orleans has been the perfect place to not only eat food that I’ve had before but also try new food that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I noticed going through my pictures on my phone today that I have documented most of the delicious cuisine that I have eaten here (probably so I refer back to it and enjoy the meal all over again). I am hoping you can tell from these pictures just how right they do food down here in the Big Easy.

Jambalaya is a classic Louisiana Creole dish that gave me my first true experience with andouille sausage – spicy, flavorful and absolutely delicious. I’ve had jambalaya a bunch more times since being here and it’s honestly become one of my favorite dishes. To top it all off it’s also extremely easy to make and filling in the most satisfying of ways. Pictured above is the jambalaya from River’s Edge in the French Quarter from my first day in New Orleans.
A surf and turf shrimp and pulled pork Po-Boy from Parkway Bakery that I had during my first week in New Orleans. It was absolutely delicious, although I must admit that I haven’t had another Po-Boy since I have been here. Apparently they are a little different wherever you go and a catfish Po-Boy is definitely on my list of foods to get soon. Po-Boy’s are another classic New Orleans food item and although there are many theories as to how they got their name no one can argue their deliciousness.
I don’t even know where to begin on how to describe the glorious combination of ingredients that make up this gourmet hot dog. Bacon, relish, onions, tomatoes and chili on a delicious bun. I don’t think I said a single word until my food was completely gone. For the record, I have always been more of burger gal but this hot dog is an exception. Dat Dog, where this hot dog is from, also hosts trivia every week and we got 5th place when me and some of my housemates went – what, what! Just a fun place and great food – what could go wrong?
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Disco Fries! French fries smothered in cheese and debris gravy (basically shredded beef in delicious gravy). They can be found at the Bayou Beer Garden in Mid-City where I’ve spent four hot afternoons cheering on the Saints. As you can see from the number of forks, these fries are awesome from sharing and go great with a cold beer. Needless to say, they are absolutely divine and I am glad I discovered them.
The infamous Cafe du Monde beignets. There isn’t much else to say about them except that they are possibly one of the most satisfying and delicious things ever. The best way I hear them described are like a funnel cake – fried dough covered in powdered sugar. But you have to be careful because if beignets are the major leagues, funnel cakes haven’t even made the team. They are just that good.
My most recent New Orleans cuisine experience. Eggs Benedict from Madeline’s Cafe located on the corner of Carrollton and St. Charles. Hands down the best eggs Benedict I have ever had (and I have eaten LOTS of eggs Benedict). Instead of English muffins, both ham AND bacon are piled onto a fresh croissant and then topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. I ate the entire thing no problem. Let’s just say that will not be the last eggs Benedict I will have there.
Don’t let Anna Leigh’s large mouth distract you from the delicious snoball she is eating. At the pumpkin patch this past weekend, I tried my first snoball – mango and passionfruit. I was a little skeptical if I was going to like a snoball but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. Not too sweet, refreshing and the ice is really finely crushed so it’s just delicious.
Pictured above is the brisket platter from The Joint, a restaurant in the Bywater, and is the best food I have eaten here and possibly ever. I knew going into The Joint that I was going to be eating some delicious BBQ – it is consistently praised for being the best BBQ in New Orleans. But even going in with that mentality I was not prepared for how amazing the food was. The brisket was flavorful, smokey, tender and juicy, the mac and cheese was TO DIE FOR and I barely made it to the beans because I was so full. Absolutely divine!
Inline image 1
Behold! Shrimp and roasted corn cheesy grits. I got this delicious concoction at Gumbo Fest that took place in Armstrong Park. I had never had grits before moving to New Orleans but they are now quite possibly one of my favorite foods. This was my first true introduction to grits and it was a good one! So flavorful and satisfying. I told myself that this would not be my only bowl of shrimp and roasted corn cheesy grits!
Inline image 2
Last but not least, my most recent encounter with delicious food. This fried chicken is from a hole in a wall place called Melba’s. I say it is a hole in the wall place because it is connected to a laundry mat. Who wouldn’t want to wash their clothes and then eat delicious fried chicken? Delicious fried chicken is an understatement. The outside was crunchy and seasoned perfectly and the meat was juicy, tender and incredible. I ordered 8 wings thinking I would have some leftover for later. Let’s just say I didn’t!
Experiencing new food has been one of the most fun part of living in New Orleans. It has truly allowed me to immerse myself in the culture and allowed me to explore the city through a unique lens. I look forward to my future food endeavors. 
Until next time!

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