Yeah, so I’m not as cool as Chad when it comes to writing. Although he is right in that it has been a whirlwind. Is it really the end of October? July seemed rather far away this August, but now not as far as I would like. A quick overview, my placement involves communication, educational outreach and advocacy for the wetlands A few reflections on the month:

I am placed with Bayou Blue, so this month I have attended a lot of meetings getting to know people in the ‘water world’ down here.

I finally got to start taking groups out to Bayou Sauvage which is as important to me as it becomes (I hope) to them. I like being able to get out of the city, even if I’m still in city limits, and go to a place a little less manicured then a city park.  . The groups I take out are the volunteers from Project Homecoming and I take them because I want them to be rooted to this place. To know the scents, the sights, the sounds and the feel of the bayou. To anchor that memory to this place and to have them form a relationship with the land down here that will motivate them to advocate for good policy for all of us when they go home. The watershed for the Mississippi stretches from New York west to the Rockies, north from portions of Canada south to the Red, covering about 41% of the continental United States; it’s a good bet the

volunteers can have a positive impact just by advocating at home. So not only do I get to go out on the bayou almost every week, but I also get to join in fellowship with these wonderful volunteers and my housemate Valentina.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Presbyterian Women’s fall rally at Feliciana, a beautiful place, filled with loblolly pines and walking trails, and when you stand still while the wind is rushing through to boughs of the trees, you can hear the trees flex and bend. I met a lot of really amazing and inspiring women there and got to know some of the women from Bayou Blue better. There seem to be a lot of those down here, and I value their friendship and mentorship both professionally and in the church.


As I continue on this journey I hope you will keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. Like Chad letters of encouragement can be sent to

Elizabeth Stites

8124 Zimple St

New Orleans, La 70118

And financial support can be sent to

YAV Program/ Layne Brubaker

2221 Filmore Street

New Orleans, La



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