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as a community we spent our spring retreat in mississippi taking to the woods..and i must say my soul was if i had unleashed it allowing it to run full speed around all of the green we were surrounded with..fully open to soak up all the goodness around me..

 it’s funny what a difference a few days in nature makes…away from technology..sirens..even the sight of pavement..when i’m thrown into the thick of it i find that it’s in my second nature to take in all of god’s always becomes blatently obvious that life is breathtaking when you slow down a bit to appreciate while we were enjoying each others company and the great outdoors we were encouraged to spend time meditating on the present..this was very relaxing and therapeutic for redirected my priorities which gave me an overwhelming sense of joy and admiration..

we also dove further into exploring our vocational discernment with a special visit from reverend janet salyer..who is a spiritual director that specializes in career reviewing stacks of paper with information compiled about us we were able to consider where our life would lead us and where we would be most happy..productive..and most importantly how and if that fits in with our calling..

but thinking about the future and where god is calling us is a bit scary because it’s mostly unknown and in a world where it is responsible to have a plan for the next five years of your life it’s tough to let god do the leading..i had a lot of questions about where my life would lead me after this year and far into the future and i think it takes wide open space..prayer..and patience for me to see bits and pieces of the path i will follow..

“be patient with patient with patient with a timeline that is not yours to define.or to know..or to wrangle into place..let go..loosen your grip” meg fee
peace & love
our group with rev. janet

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