a walk down memory lane

i have a new orleans box…this box was made for me as a going away present from my friend kate..to say it comes in handy would be an understatement..i toss in some type of article every few days..a card..a letter..a postcard from anyone (which always brightens my day)usually ends up in this little box..any little trinket or neat sign..business card..picture..or program i’ve collected over these past few months can be found there..

the other day i was feeling a little sentimental and decided to rummage through it..and it was much like looking back through all of the wonderful experiences i had so far…some that i regretfully had forgotten about…

there is liturgy from the annual peace gathering where i had the honor of meeting sister helen prejean..i found several museum tickets..colorful art from the kiddos i tutor..my book cover of nine lives which brought back memories of talking with the author dan baum..pictures and name tags from our community days that included planting trees with bayou rebirth and clearing lots with hands on new orleans along with agape meal fellowship devotions that reflected on the days highs and lows…a program from caroling in jackson square..different cards and coins from the joan of arc parade in the french quarter..while discovering all of these things again i felt very blessed…blessed that i live in such a lively city..blessed that i have had the opportunity to serve here..

along with all of these reminders were letters and cards from my friends and family..they warmed my heart all over again reading through them..and once more i felt so blessed…blessed that i have such loving and thoughtful people in my life..that encourage me and keep me in their thoughts and prayers..

“sometimes it hits me..how magnificent life really is..all the little details all the little features..like the dust..gracefully floating of from old books..like the little fibers in your favorite sweater..like the way paint sits upon a white canvas..like the broken lines and creases on your hands like the warmth of a hot cup of cocoa..or like the path a tear takes..slowly dripping..when you begin to see small details like these..you’ll begin to appreciate life more..this world is waiting for you..whispering for you too..’fall in love with me..fall in love with life”
peace & love,

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  1. Judy Ferguson

    Jillian, you are in my prayers this morning as the YAV program is featured in the Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study. Blessings on your ministry in South Louisianna!

    Grace and peace,

    Judy Ferguson
    Certifed Christian Educator
    Schreiner University
    Kerrville, TX

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