“where you invest your love you invest your life” mumford and sons

well i think it’s about time i filled y’all (just kidding the south hasn’t converted me just yet) in with what exactly i’m doing at my placements this year…as some of you know i’ll be serving at two different sites..global maritime ministries and mid city ministries…

global maritime ministries (website)
the port of new orleans is the center of the world’s busiest port complex..approximtely 6,000 ocean vessels annually move through new orleans on the mississippi river..while more than 700,000 passengers sail through on cruise ships each year..the organization serves international seafarers from more than 70 countries and port related personnel….i’ll be getting the opportunity to meet with countless individuals around the world hearing and sharing stories and experiences..this ministry strives to meet the spiritual..emotional..and physical needs of seafarers and maritime workers through bible studies..prayer times..while also offering a place for counseling..encouragement..and christian fellowship..

mid city ministries
louisiana is currently the 49th worst state in the country in which to raise a child..in order to do their part in improving the education aspect of this..the organization offers an after school tutoring program..which i will specifically be working with the kindergarten students..i will also helping at a “sister” church in hollygrove with their after school tutoring program..and assisting at a local charter school where i’ll be doing one on one tutoring with 2nd graders..along with my tutoring responsibilities, i’ll be mentoring one or two children..as well as leading bible studies every wednesday nights with the youth in the church..

i’m happy to report my first few weeks of work have been wonderful..a bit slow at first..but quickly picking up..and i’m ready to dive in head first..

peace & love,
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Jillian enjoying beignets from Cafe Du Monde

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