There’s something about New Orleans

Hello, my name is Katie Turpen and my hometown is Birmingham, Alabama. I recently graduated from Presbyterian College in South Carolina where I majored in English and minored in Psychology.

This is my very first time in New Orleans and I am extremely excited to be here. I chose to come here because I wanted to go to a new city so I could step out of my comfort zone and explore a new culture. I also wanted to help a community that is still in the process of rebuilding after several years.

After only being here a few days, I am already falling in love with the place. It really is like a whole other world here. There is such a strong sense of hope and everyone is so warm and friendly. And there is so much to do! I have never been in place with such deep history and so much great food, music, and art.

I love my new housemates and I feel that God has put each one of them into my life for a reason. We are already starting to feel like a real family. I am also looking forward to working in two churches: Faith Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian Church both of which I’ve heard great things about. I feel that God has already spoken to me in a number of ways through my new housemates, all the warm friendly people I’ve met, seeing the damage in the Ninth Ward and the Katrina Memorial, and just being here immersed in this culture. Everyone that lives here keeps saying there is something about this place and you will never want to leave. I am starting to believe that after only a few days. I am sure it will be a challenging and eye-opening year but I am ready to jump right into to this adventure and let God guide me.


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