30 days and counting

My days in New Orleans are numbered; I have just over thirty days left down here.  I think my conscious has finally accepted that I will be leaving and my mind is trying to make peace with that fact.  In the process of making peace, my mind quickly springs into action remembering all the things I wanted to do before the end of the year.  There are a still a few restaurants that are still beckoning my taste buds.   There are some musicians still enticing my ears. And yes, there is still work to be done!  The homeowner I have been working with for the most of my year in New Orleans is still not in her home yet.  We have already accomplished so much, and we are entering the final stages (paint, trim, cabinets, etc…).  I hope to be done before my last day of work with Project Homecoming (July 31st).

I look back and wonder why I haven’t done some of the things that were on my list yet.  I have been here for a year, and yet I haven’t really sought them out.  I think for the most part I have settled on the fact that I have a really great group of fellow Young Adult Volunteers who have been great to get to know and are just as intriguing as the city of New Orleans.  There were many nights where sitting, talking, cooking and eating with them was just as appealing as seeing a new artist or trying a new dish at a popular restaurant.  So, thanks Austin, Allie, Lisa, Ben, Gloria, Jenna and Kathy for making my year interesting and fulfilling.

– Dan


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  1. Maegen

    New Orleans will be in good hands! I’m going to be a YAV there in a month !

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