Springtime in New Orleans

After such a long and unusually cold winter, I am excited to report that the weather down here has been heavenly.  Thankfully, I spent the past months of February and March working on a smaller project in a house that already had electricity and heat (how luxurious!).  I, with the help of my fabulous volunteers, have been helping Ms. Rachel Russell get her bathrooms, kitchen and utility room back in working order.

Rachel helping tile her utility room floor

Rachel works at Ochsner Hospital and shares her home with her daughter and granddaughter.  Sorry, taking pictures in a small space is difficult, but believe me, her new master bath is a dream (and it’s my favorite color).

Rachel’s bathroom before…

... and after!

Next up is Cartier St. and it will probably be my last project here in New Orleans.  It is a full remodel, so all we have at the moment are studs and a roof that will need to be replaced.  Warmer temperatures arrived just in time…

Ms. Warrik’s home on Cartier Street

Like most of you, my springtime schedule has exploded and I have been very busy.  I was in San Francisco for a volunteer conference; I went home to visit my family for Easter; I have had several friends come to visit and we just had our YAV spring retreat.  There has been a lot of discerning, lots of festivals to attend, and plenty of sunshine to soak up.  And so, life here at the Blue House is pulsing with Spring fever and I am ever thankful for the opportunity to serve in such a beautiful place.

Reaping the benefits of tropical rains

Thanks again for your support!



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