Overwhelmed by Christ’s Love


When I came to New Orleans, I expected to be overwhelmed.

I expected city life to be overwhelming.  I have never lived in a city before.  The traffic.   The U-Turn lanes.  The streets jutting out at odd angles.  The neighborhoods that just keep blending into one another.

I expected the sight of the vast amounts of remaining storm damage to be overwhelming.  The empty houses.  The empty streets.  The empty lots.

I expected my new job to overwhelming.  I came to educate others about coastal erosion and the importance of coastal wetlands, but when I arrived I knew nothing about the issues.  I had a lot to learn.  The history.  The causes.  The complexities.

I expected the issues of coastal land loss to be overwhelming.  The magnitude of the problem.  The people losing their homes.  The under-publicized impact on the entire nation.

I expected the distance from home to be overwhelming.  The long stretches without seeing my fiancé, parents, or siblings.

As I expected, I have struggled to some extent with all of these things, but what I’ve found to be the most overwhelming hasn’t been a struggle at all.  I’ve been overwhelmed by Christians from across the country who have shown Christ’s love for me.

Christ’s Love is Everywhere

Christians from my home church, Union First Presbyterian Church of Cowansville contributed generously to my fundraising and send me care packages ranging from Halloween decorations to Christmas cookies to gift cards.

Christians from my home presbytery, Presbytery of Kiskiminetas contributed generously to my fundraising and keep me in their prayers.

Christians in my family have provided so much support.

Christians from the First Presbyterian Church of Bayou Blue, my church here in Louisiana, make sure that I never walk into the church without getting a hug or walk out of the church without my arms full of delicious leftover food.

Christians who are fellow YAVs and housemates daily show their love and support.

Christians who work in the Project Homecoming office always take the time to talk to me when I stop by, even if all I only stopped by to pick up the mail.

A Christian from North Carolina works at the volunteer village in New Orleans and always greets me with a smile.

Christians from across the United States, from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida and everywhere in between come to Louisiana to help rebuild homes and communities.  I teach them about coastal land loss, and then as we share dinner after my presentations, they teach me about life, love, and how God knows exactly what we need.  I’ve seen God do incredible things over these dinners for volunteers, but that’s a story for another day.

Being overwhelmed by Christ’s love gives me strength when I’m struggling with personal problems and motivation when I’m daunted by coastal land loss issues.  After all, “If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)”  Thank you to everyone who has loved me in Christ’s name.

– Gloria King

Talking to volunteers about our vanishing coast line

Saying a blessing for the wonderful meal provided each week

Come visit if you want to experience God's love



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11 responses to “Overwhelmed by Christ’s Love

  1. Deborah Snyder

    You are always in our thoughts and prayers, Gloria. We miss you and we love you!

  2. Betty Hill

    As you did during school years, and college years, you amazed me and you continue to amaze me. We are so very proud of you and proud of what you have chosen to do for the next year. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are loved.

  3. Steve Geidel

    Best wishes to you Gloria. A wonderful and inspirational blog post.

  4. Pat Boltz

    Your church along with your family are truly proud of the young women you have become. You have always showed an interest in mission and now you are able to live this dream. I know you will accomplish alot during the coming year.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  5. Phyllis Krieger

    Gloria, we are so glad to hear what your experience there is all about, and so proud of you for having the determination and the courage to step out like this to be a part of such an important mission. I know you must feel very blessed to know that you are where God wants you to be. We are now thankful for the many wonderful Christians you have surrounding you. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

  6. Sarah Carnicella

    Love you, Gloria! We need to have a reunion asap! Look at you, all grown up and making a difference in the world 🙂

  7. Jenny Switzer

    I am so thankful that young people like you are giving so much to the world, and showing the world what it is to be a Christian. I’m especially tickled, since I’m one of those darn tree huggers, that you are helping keep God’s world healthy. God be with you.

  8. Mark Snyder

    Gloria, Great to read your communication and find that you have found passion in the Christian Community. It is refreshing to hear those expressions in today’s fast paced society. Keep up the good work……Mark

  9. Bud Bowser

    Gloria, I am glad you have this opportunity to do mission work. Not only are you helping others, but when you finish I am sure that you will have recieved more than you have given , in your own mind. I know that is how I felt after my mission trips. May God bless you and watch over you. Bud

  10. Julie Rumbarger


    Your insights are very inspiring. No wonder your mother beams when she talks about you! God bless you and keep you safe.

    Julie Rumbarger

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