Lunch Break

It’s about noon time when you notice the sound, a dull rumbling with no discernable direction of origin. You look out the door, nothing is to be seen. You continue working when it happens again, only louder. What could it be? Then you remember you forgot breakfast and now you are so hungry. Lucky for you, you more than likely have the funds to go grab a delicious lunch of your choice. When you are eating this lunch, or any meal for that matter, have you ever wondered about the many people who do not get to eat a regular meal? By regular, I mean a meal every lunch, dinner and breakfast. Have you? Well maybe you should because, believe it or not, many working class Americans do not even get this luxury. And yes, eating is a luxury.

When you go out to a meal, how much do you spend? Does it depend on the restaurant? So 10-30 dollars? Did you know hunger could be cut in half in the United States and worldwide by 2015 for 7 cents per American per day? That is a whole lot less than the average tip. Why do we find it easy to ignore a problem this massive even when the solution is so easy? Hunger is a horrible way to die. Your body starts to eat itself, first with the fat, then with the muscle, until your body is forced to start eating its brain. Can you fathom this? Can you possibly, even the tiniest bit, see this happening to you? You may not be able to, but for 15 million people this year, this is their fate.

By the time you reach this sentence, yet another human being has perished because of starvation. By the time this message truly hits home with you, yet another has gone. When will you help? If this were you and your children, wouldn’t you want help? So what’s stopping you? Is it the dinner plans you have for tonight?


Take action through Feeding America. For everyone $1 donated, 7 meals are provided to men, women and children facing hunger in our country.

The World Food Programme fed 102 million people in 78 countries in 2008. A small donation can make a world of change.


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