Ben: Clueless? I think not.

Today we received our first shipment of Americorps NCCC volunteers. They are fresh and ready to go on this their first deployment. And being the warehouse manager, it became my responsibility to train them on all of the tools they might need to use on the job. What a strange thought that is. I have been here for just over 3 months, and I was only trained on these tools 2 months ago. And I rarely use very many of them as it is. But I went with it and it worked out. Somewhere deep in my brain was all of that information that had been crammed into my brain during our training and that really inspired me today. I thought about how not all that long ago, I too was rather clueless about most of the tools in our arsenal and I sure didn’t have a clue how to lay flooring or really much else for that matter. But now, I can. And soon, they will too. I’m guessing that the others in the house that I work with have already had a bit of this feeling, but I have not really had many opportunities to put my newly acquired knowledge to the test. How wonderful it is to realize that you really do have a clue what you are doing.


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