Life is good on Monday in New Orleans.

On Monday, new volunteers are eager to swing hammers, sweat through a swampy October workday, and try their best to get ‘er done.  While I was a bit overwhelmed being a part of a 15-person crew, we managed to insulate an entire house… on Monday. Incredible.  The homeowner, Mr. Ford stopped by to meet the crew and tell a little of his story.  I love meeting the homeowners.  Everyone gets a new boost of energy knowing the face and voice we are working to help. On Monday, it is clear just how much folks across this country care to come down and help the people of this unique city.   It is clear that Christ’s light is guiding us to stretch into new ways of living.

The volunteers were putting up drywall by Thursday.

The volunteers were putting up drywall by Thursday.

Lisa with fellow construction assistant, Phil

Lisa with fellow construction assistant, Phil

Monday’s mean a gym date with roommate Gloria.  Surprisingly energized from nine hours of construction work, I bounced off to the University of New Orleans Rec Center.  It is nice to get back into my body, find some time to breathe and stretch.  It is also a chance to brush up on my Pilates skills.  I help Gloria through some exercises and I feel good knowing she feels taller when we’re done.  Work out number two happens during our mad sprint to the car in pouring rain.  No luck.  We still look like cats just dunked in the bath when we walk in the door, but on Monday, roommate Ben has grilled cheese and tomato soup waiting on the stove.  Gloria and I join the rest of the crew on the balcony to watch the rain, break some bread and share our stories of the day.

The rain continues to pour down on this Monday evening and Franklin Ave. begins to resemble a river more than a road.  Sadly, we find entertainment watching the waves of street water splash over Ben’s parked car.  Once the city’s pumping system catches up with Mother Nature, roommates Gloria, Austin and Dan trek out into the wild to help Ben scoop out buckets of water standing in the floorboards.  I decide to make walnut chocolate-chip cookies to keep the mood of the evening as warm as possible, but that isn’t too hard at the Blue House on Franklin Ave.

YAVs and Deltas at the Blue House

YAVs and Deltas at the Blue House

On Monday, we take care of one another.  On this day we have chosen to let the light of Christ guide and comfort us. Of course we try to take care every other day as well, but this day was particularly exemplary. For me, this is what it means to live in community.  Life isn’t easier, but life is good when a friend or two (or six) accompanies you to bear witness to your Monday.

– Lisa Webb

Construction Assistant with Project Homecoming

October 12, 2009



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