YAVs of 2009-2010

We are approaching the fourth year of service for Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs) serving the Presbytery of South Louisiana. I am delighted to welcome seven new YAVs, who will be formally introduced to the Presbytery in October:

Allie (High Point, NC) is serving with Metairie Ridge Presbyterian Church to help facilitate the further incorporation of children, youth and young adults into the life of the church and service in the larger community.

Jenna (Mechanicsburg, PA) is serving with Faith Presbyterian Church to help facilitate the further development of their young adult group through the coordination of hands-on mission projects, as well as other outreach opportunities for the congregation.

Gloria (Cowansville, PA) is serving the Center for Hazards Assessment Response and Technology (CHART) at the University of New Orleans. Gloria will help create an educational outreach program for short-term volunteers who work along the coast of Louisiana and develop a link for advocacy with appropriate Presbyterian offices on environmental issues.

Austin (Olney, IL), Ben (Dayton, OH), Dan (Charlottesville, VA) and Lisa (Fayatteville, AR) are all serving as construction assistants at Project Homecoming. They will coordinate the work of short-term volunteer groups in the rebuilding of hurricane-damaged homes in Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes.

YAV Family Portrait(from left to right: Kathy, Lisa, Jenna, Allie, Gloria, Dan, Ben & Austin)

All the YAVs serving internationally and nationally attended a week of orientation organized by the World Mission Office at Stony Point, NY. The YAVs survived another week of orientation to PSL. This included meeting all the sites the YAVs are serving, eating, touring New Orleans and the impact of Hurricane Katrina, eating, settling into their house, eating and listening to some live music, of course!

During one afternoon, the YAVs were sent on a photo scavenger hunt around the city. Here are some of the highlights:

Already running into the NOPD

A little leap frog by the riverboats Making new friends on Bourbon St. Louisiana: Sportman's Paradise

(Check out the “Photos” page for more eye candy.)

Please continue to keep Allie, Jenna, Gloria, Austin, Ben, Dan and Lisa in your prayers. “My friends, you were chosen to be free. So don’t use your freedom as an excuse to do anything you want. Use it as an opportunity to serve each other with love” Galatians 5:13 (CEV).



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2 responses to “YAVs of 2009-2010

  1. unemployedgreg

    Hi Kathy! Looks like you all are doing great work! I think this blog was a great idea. This is actually the fourth year of YAVs serving the Presbytery of South Louisiana. The first year saw only one volunteer serve First Pres but the Presbytery blessed it. Just want the program to get full credit for its years of service!

  2. Hi Greg! Thanks for the information, definitely important to give props to the first year! Hope all is well in your community in Chicago!

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