Allie: Women’s Retreat

Allie's headshotOne of the first things I was invited to attend at Metairie was the women’s retreat. I thought it would be a great way to meet people, a place to share my story and a time to hear stories of others. Then I found out it was a silent retreat…

I was not excited when my alarm went off on Saturday morning, mainly because I didn’t get much sleep (we went to hear an amazing trumpet player at the Blue Nile the night before). I also dreaded the retreat because I am not very good at being quiet. To make matters worse, the first thing I recieved at the door was a journal. I am already blogging and now I have to write in a journal too? It was asking a lot.

The retreat was not so bad. In fact, it was truly a blessing to be there. Being still and quiet in the presence of God and a community of strong Christian women was a powerful experience. My journal ended up being a long list of questions. So many times in my life I have been filled with questions and doubts but Saturday my questions were different. Rather than leave me feeling frustrated and lost, they gave me a sense of energy and inspiration. I can not wait to explore all these questions–to grow in my faith! And what better time or place to do this? I am surrounded by people of faith who are ready and willing to walk this journey alongside me. Thanks be to God!


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