Rose: This I believe

I was telling a friend today that I can’t seem to make anyone happy. She told me it’s impossible to make anyone happy. You can only contribute to their happiness or not contribute to their misery; but only they can make themselves happy. As revolutionary as it sounded, it does make sense.

I am beginning to discover that what’s left if you can’t make others happy is the journey to make yourself happy. Everyone likes to be around happy people, so being a happy person could contribute to the happiness of others. True happiness happens in the moment.

The Maundy Thursday service takes place during holy week, the day before Good Friday. In this service, we remember Jesus at the last meal he shared with friends. Several pivotal bible passages are read, the sanctuary is stripped of all its Lenten greenery and the lights are gradually dimmed. It all paints a rather stark picture of what will happen to Jesus in the days to come. BuJesus Standst the message of this service is one of hope and happiness.

The point is not that Jesus died for our sins or even that he will be raised from the dead; those things have important significance, but the central message of Maundy Thursday is that Jesus is with us now. Jesus lived in the moment. It is the journey toward happiness, lived in the moment, that will make the lives of those around you better and happier. This I believe.


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