Rose: Annual Report for Chinese Presbyterian Church

I am a Young Adult Volunteer serving here in New Orleans for one year. In the past five months,Rose at Fall Festival I have enjoyed the many projects I have created, organized and executed. In October, working with Arthur Ghere, I helped organize the Fall Festival for the children and their families. I appointed myself the event photographer and snapped many pictures that I turned into a collage hanging in the hall. This program had good attendance, around 55-60 people.

Starting in August and continuing through November, I participated in the fundraiser for Light the Night. I attended the dinner at The Saints training facility, and I had a bake sale at Project Homecoming. I raised $18 toward our goal of$2,500. At the Light the Night Walk in November, I walked the 1.8 miles around Zephyr field.

Also in November, I attended the Evergreen Group’s yearly safety lecture from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office. In December the Evergreen outing I planned with Mayling Hew was cancelled on account of the unusual snowfall that day. At the end of December, I planned and presented a lesson on Chanukah for Women’s Bible study. In January, I accompanied the Evergreen group as they were taken by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department to a matinee at the Entergy IMAX Theater and then to lunch at Panda King.

Rose making crafts with IrisAt the beginning of January, I began working on the Chinese New year’s Festival. I created the firecracker party favors and then I collaborated with Claire on the invitations and the giant Zodiac posters. The day before, I helped set-up the craft table, and hand out invitations to the neighborhood. At the festival there were around 150-160 people in attendance. The posters of the Zodiac animals were available for guests to take if they gave a donation to our Heifer International fundraising project. That added over $100 to our goal of $500.

The next event I have planned for this church is a Super Service Saturday at City Park on March 7th. We are scheduled to arrive at 9:00 am. Anyone who has gloves, a shovel, pruners, or a garden trowel is encouraged to bring them. We will need to provide our own water and snacks that day and it should wrap-up around 12:30 pm. I will be planning a Super Service Saturday the first Saturday of every month. Other future activities include a baby shower for one of our members at the end of March, and the Easter egg hunt in April.

I have participated in monthly service projects with Kathy Lee and know some great places we could volunteer. I have helped Lila and Tim Crotty fold, sort and mail the monthly newsletters and have written several articles for it as well. Every Sunday I help Claire prepare the copies of her sermon, and I set out the children’s papers that I have made. I attend the Women’s bible study every week, and I have taught the Circle lesson twice. I have really enjoyed visiting with and getting to know this congregation.

Thank you.


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  1. Hey Rose,

    Thanks for the great post! How did the Super Service Saturday go?


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